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Dr. Jeremy Rayner
University of Regina
Dr Rayner B.A., M.A. (Economics and Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge University), M.A (Politics, University of Durham) PhD. (Political Science, UBC) is Associate Professor and Head of the Political Science Department at the University of Regina. He has taught at Lakehead University, Malaspina University-College and remains an adjunct Associate Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Victoria. Although by training a political philosopher, all of his recent research has been in public policy, especially resource and environmental policy. His publications include In Search of Sustainability: BC Forest Policy in the 1990s (2001) and many articles on forest and aquaculture policy in scholarly journals, most recently on National Forest Programmes in Europe and Canada in Governance (2006).

Professor Chris Tollefson
University of Victoria
Professor Tollefson B.A. (Queen's) 1982, LL.B. (UVic) 1985, LL.M. (Osgoode Hall) 1993, was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1987. Since joining the UVic Law Faculty in 1991, Professor Tollefson's work has been published in Canadian , American and European law journals and periodicals. He has also edited and/or authored various books and manuscripts including The Wealth of Forests: Markets, Regulation and Sustainable Forestry (1998), cleanair.ca: a citizen's action guide (2000) and Setting the Standard: Certification, Regulation and Governance within and beyond the Forest Stewardship Council (forthcoming). He is a fellow of LEAD (Leadership through Environment and Development) International and serves as a member of Canada 's National Advisory Committee under the NAFTA environmental side agreement, the Academic Advisory Committee to the Deputy Minister of International Trade, and is acting Chair of the B.C. Community Forestry Advisory Committee. He is a past President of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund (1997-2001) and a founding director of EAGLE (the Environmental Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education). He is the founding executive director of the UVic Environmental Law Centre, and directs the Faculty's public interest environmental law clinical program.

Dr. Michael Howlett
Simon Fraser University
Dr. Howlett (Professor) BSocSci.(Hon)(Ott), MA(Br Col), PhD (Queen's) is Burnaby Mountain Chair in the Department of Political Science and specializes in public policy analysis, Canadian political economy, and Canadian resource and environmental policy. He is co-author of Studying Public Policy (2003 & 1995), In Search of Sustainability (2001), The Political Economy of Canada (1999 & 1992) and Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy (1997 & 2005). He has edited Canadian Forest Policy (2001) and co-edited Deregulation and Its Discontents (2006); Executive Styles in Canada (2005); Designing Government (2005); The Real Worlds of Canadian Politics (2004); The Provincial State In Canada (1992 & 2000); Innovation Systems in a Global Context (1998); Policy Studies in Canada (1996), and The Puzzles of Power (1994 & 1998). His articles have been published in numerous professional journals in Canada, the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Howlett was founding member and Secretary-Treasurer (1995-2006) of the British Columbia Political Studies Association and co-editor of its Proceedings. He is currently English Language Co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Political Science (2002-2006), Encounters: Political Science in Translation, the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (Book Review Editor 2001-2006), and the University of Toronto Press Series in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy. He served on the Editorial Boards of Canadian Public Administration (1996-2003) and Policy Studies Journal (1992-2003) and currently sits on the Editorial Board of Policy & Society.

Dr. Darcy Mitchell
Royal Roads University

Dr. Adam Wellstead
Natural Resources Canada

Adam Wellstead B.A.(Hon)(Wilfrid Laurier), M.A. (Dalhousie), M.Sc.(Forestry)(Toronto), Ph.D. (Alberta) has, over the past decade, held a number of different positions with Natural Resources Canada-Canadian Forest Service. He began with the social science research group working with the Foothills Model Forest in Western Alberta on community-based studies. In 2000, he shifted his research focus to climate change impacts and adaptations, more specifically measuring the potential for long-term policy change. He is the national coordinator for the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research Network forestry Office. Adam is also responsible for CFS liaison and programs (First Nations Forestry Program and the Model Forest Program) activities in the province of Manitoba. Currently, his research focus is the regional policy capacity of all Federal government departments and agencies.

Dr. Keith Brownsey
Mount Royal College

Barry Robinson
University of Victoria
Barry Robinson has a B.Sc.F. (Forestry) from the University of Toronto and a M.E.S. (Environmental Studies) from York University. He worked for a major Alberta forest company for nine years, followed by a fifteen year career in the fields of waste management and environmental auditing. He completed a law degree at the University of Victoria in April 2006, and will be articling with the Calgary firm of Macleod Dixon beginning in September 2006.

Devyn Cousineau
University of Victoria
Ms. Cousineau, B.A. (Honours Geography, McGill University) 2002, LL.B. (UVic) 2006, is a researcher at the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law. She will be clerking at the British Columbia Court of Appeal beginning in September 2006 and at the Supreme Court of Canada in 2007.

Sal Fares
Mount Royal College
Salah (Sal) A. Fares was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and is a recent graduate of Mount Royal College, receiving an Applied Bachelors of Policy Studies degree. Sal also consults part time, most recently for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Jon Elofson,
Northern Forestry
Centre (Edmonton),
Canadian Forest


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